Friday, May 6, 2011

In The Meantime...

    Instead of studying, as I undoubted should be doing, I am stalling to write this update. In all reality, I haven't done all that much during this past period known as 'Golden Week.' I spent a large majority of the time off, relaxing in my room. While here, I have studied, played games, written, made 'art,' and watched videos from various sources. I must say, I have enjoyed it.

    Tonight, after my classes for Friday, I will make my way to the Aikido Kobayashi Dojo, I've mentioned in previous posts and on the "AIKIDO/BUDO" portion of the blog. At this time, I do not know what style of training I'll be in store for, but I hope it will live up to my dreams of Aikido training in Japan (as I'm sure it will).

    I attempted to visit the Kobayashi Dojo this past Sunday, as indicated on my FB page (and the AIKIDO/BUDO page), I found that the Dojo was closed for Golden Week. I was happy to have at least located the dojo itself. I have been in contact with an assistant instructor at the dojo, who has been most helpful. I am still waiting to see if the Aikido Kobayashi Dojo is Aikikai affiliated, but am excited to continue practicing regardless.

    Although, I have found an Aikido dojo to practice at, I will not stop attending the Aiki Budo club at TGU. At the university club, I have met some wonderful people. And, granted, the style is quite foreign to me, it is an enjoyable experience learning new things. Hopefully, the Aiki Budo training will (under my direction, surely) manifest itself in ways that will strengthen my traditional Aikido practice. I'm very excited and generally quite hopeful. Now, to siphon some of this enthusiasm and focus to learning the language better...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A New Artistic Experience, Martial

Kodaira Back Streets

    I promised to write soon, sorry it wasn't sooner. Again, sorry all for slacking on writing blog updates. The above photo is from along my walk to the university. I have begun walking through a neighborhood, opposed to the busy streets I was previously walking along. I really love how new and old are emphasized in the architecture of Japanese homes.

    I have been studying more, and participating in more cultural and social events (be shocked). Also, as mentioned, I started attending the Aiki Budo club at TGU. At first, with any new experience, I was a little nervous. My Japanese speaking ability is somewhat behind, and the club/class is taught completely in Japanese. Regardless, however, of any sort of inability on my part, it proved to be an incredibly friendly experience.

    Since that first day, I have attended 4 classes. The Aiki Budo club meets on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at times that (for the most part) do not interfere with my other studies. And, after each class meeting I've attended, I have been invited out after for dinner. This invite does not allow me to ever pay. And, when I asked why, I was informed it is the "Aiki Budo welcoming committee." They area truly wonderful group of individuals. A club comprised of about 12-14 highly committed members. It has me missing Kenosha Aikikai (my home Aikido Dojo for those who are unaware).